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Dear fellow readers, The mission of this blog is to expand our knowledge, share ideas and assist us to make breakthroughs in our lives. My intent is that the articles, comments and overall connections made will benefit our community at large. You, the readers, are always welcome to share your feedback about existing articles or... Continue Reading →

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Solemn Solitudes

Is being in solitude a positive thing? There are many who could argue both sides. Perhaps it’s all about balance. Regardless of our disposition, my extensive years of experience in deep reflection and solitary adventures may convince you of the value of being alone, or inspire you to take more time alone, if you are... Continue Reading →

Confrontations: facing people vs ourselves

How do we master confrontations? Confronting others and ourselves might be a challenging proposition, however, with the right tools and support, we may find resolutions. Life experience has taught me that challenges are a means to master ourselves and discover things we never knew before. Before we delve into specific examples, let's consider some critical... Continue Reading →

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